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Getting To The Heart of The Father

A powerful seminar for parents and adults who care for the emotional and
spiritual needs of children and youth. You will learn creative ways of encouraging children to
open up their hearts about their feelings, concerns, and hurts, and you will experience how
to effectively bring these moments to Jesus for healing in child-focused prayer. Basic
concepts of inner healing prayer will be woven into the teachings and demonstrations.


Keys to Healing

This conference is about keys to healing. Any door that is locked will need a key to enter; it is important to have the right key. You have lots of keys on your keychain and they are all good and valid keys to different doors. But if you don’t use the right key, you will not be able to enter. You have to find the right key. In our house every door has a different key. So, I can try really hard to get in my front door but if I have the apartment door key I will not be able to enter the house. This is also true for healing. There are different keys to unlock different kinds of healing in your life.


Hearing Gods Voice

You can learn to hear God speak to you. He is talking all the time. He has probably been speaking to you your entire life. When people first learn to hear God’s voice they often relate that they have heard God before many times but didn’t know it was God speaking to them. He can speak today in any way that He spoke in the Bible and He hasn’t limited Himself to certain ways of speaking.


Overcoming Fear

Fear, Anxiety, and Worry are at the root of so many illnesses. Learning how to defeat this trio goes a long way to bringing healing of physical illness, mental and emotional illness, and spiritual issues.


Healing the Human Spirit

Did you know that there is more scripture about the human spirit than there is about the Holy Spirit or evil spirits? When your spirit is strong, your soul and your body respond. It is vital to learn how to strengthen and heal our human spirit.


Prescriptions for Healing

This is a foundational overview of various keys to physical, emotional, and mental healing. Here are some of the subjects you will work through: Forgiveness, Soul-Ties, Knowing God’s will regarding your healing, Overcoming Fear, Dealing with the Occult, Intimacy with God, and Freedom from Generational Curses.


Healing The Broken Soul

Jesus came to Heal the Broken Hearted. There is a great need today for ministry to seriously broken people. He has given us keys to healing the broken heart. Learn how to minister to DID, OCD, MPD, and more.

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