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The Lord spoke to Richard Mull 20 years ago about the need to raise up a multitude of disciples, equipping people to know His Word and His Power. The Lord has been discipling Richard and his team to do the same ministry that His 12 apostles/disciples did over 2000 years ago. Now is the time to equip millions of believers to do the works of His Kingdom.

One thing that sets apart the discipleship resources of Operation Light Force is the amount of Scripture included with every course. Some of the courses that are currently under development will require students to do extensive study of God’s word on their own. With every course will be workbooks that include all of the scriptures used in the lessons.

It is our hearts desire that millions of people will take these courses and learn to apply what they learn. It is our prayer that millions more will be healed and set free both in taking the courses but more so from the students who apply what they have learned and are used by God to bring healing and freedom and abundant life to others.

Online Courses Offered

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Healing the Human Spirit

  • Prescriptions for Healing

  • Healing The Broken Soul

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